We drive change through education

Investing in the future of people today

FDJM, the “Democratic Forum of the Youth of Mali “, is a non-profit organization. The projects and events of FDJM can be divided into the areas of education & training, political dialogue and social justice:

FDJM offers vocational training programs for young unemployed people with the support of its partners. In this way, economic perspectives are created, dependencies are overcome and the growing gap between rich and poor is counteracted.

FDJM promotes democratic dialogue and enables young people to take part in the political discourse. Based on the contributions of young people in Mali, a letter to the political decision-makers is written and handed over. FDJM thus gives the youth a voice.

FDJM organizes events in the fields of education, sport and culture. In this way, we raise awareness of the issue of social justice and lay the foundation for a conscious and responsible social interaction.

By creating perspectives, we fight the susceptibility to radical thought and thus terror – not only locally, but everywhere in the world

We help people to find a permanent basis for earning a living, thus enabling them to live a dignified life and preventing the causes of flight

By supporting an active engagement with the environment, we create an awareness for sustainable living and working

We encourage people to participate in society and create concrete opportunities for social and political participation

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